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ROISSY-DEV-AEROTROPOLIS : the economic center of the 21st century

As it is rooted to Paris, Aerotropolis Europe™ offers a solid base for a headquarters or subsidiary. The Ile-de-France is an economically dynamic region with international appeal, a labor pool and unique modern infrastructures in Europe.
The region and capital is the largest economic area in Europe, with a GDP of 552 billion euros (2009). It derives the majority of its activity from the service sector, especially from business services, yet still remains the largest industrial region in France, and the most advanced for R&D spending in Europe. The No. 1 destination for tourism in the world, as well as the top location for the 500 largest global groups and for the number of jobs created locally by foreign companies. It is the second European destination for foreign investors, who appreciate its economic dynamism, a labor pool of 5.7 million workers, its working conditions, and also its quality of life, with the largest number of sporting and cultural structures in Europe.
Paris-Charles de Gaulle is one of the economic engines of the region and capital, attracting a large number of companies specialized in services, new technologies, the automotive and aeronautic industries, as well as in luxury and design.

The aerotropolis : the economic center of the  21st century

At the start of 2009, 12 representatives from the largest companies and institutions of Greater Roissy met to form the association Aerotropolis Europe™—Paris. They are transporters (Air France, Carex, FedEx), business park and infrastructure owners (Aéroville, Aire de Loisirs et de Sports de Roissy-en-France, A Park, Parc Mail, Paris Nord 2, Sud Roissy, International Trade Center Roissy Paris CDG), and local actors in economic development (Communauté d'Agglomération Terres de France, Roissy Développement).

There are now 17 of them, representing over 6 billion euros in investments, as well as tremendous potential for developing the real-estate offering that will be added to the existing capacity. Importantly, many commercial, hotel and leisure facilities (movie theaters, spas, golf, etc.), parks and green spaces are alongside these structures to guarantee employees a pleasant environment.
With such great resources at its disposal, Aerotropolis Europe™—Paris priority is promoting the economic hub around Paris-Charles de Gaulle, so to encourage companies to move in, and to develop trade between the platforms.

The Carex project finds its full expression within the Aerotropolis EuropeTM—Paris association. The future European high-speed freight train will place Roissy-CDG at 2h from Lyon, 2h15m from London and 3h from Amsterdam by 2013. This multimodal platform will be able to transport nearly 900 air lift pallets per day, at lower cost than by air and with lower CO2 emissions. It is therefore a potential key partner for companies that would like to use Paris as a base for servicing Europe. This is all the more true as Carex already brings together the main transport actors (Air France, FedEx, La Poste, etc.), and contributes significant economic weight to the Aerotropolis EuropeTM—Paris association.