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Aerotropolis Europe™-Paris

Aerotropolis Europe, Your company directly connected to Europe and the world

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Aerotropolis Europe™-Paris welcomes you
Imagine a business district at Paris Roissy-CDG convention and exhibition centers, services and Airport, bringing together offices, international transport.
A powerful economic center

More than 2,000 companies already established

1,500,000 sq. m. of offices
Un Pôle économique puissant
1,655 acres of buildable land
Un Pôle économique puissant
2 conference and convention centers
More than 200 restaurants
More than 10,000 hotel rooms & spas
More than 1,500 accommodation units
in apartment hotels
1 golf park of 222 acres and
a 6-hole golf academy  
The biggest transport center in Europe 

1st cargo airport in Europe
1,000 fl ights per week to the United States,
the Middle East and Asia
2nd largest passenger airport in Europe
At the heart of a high-speed rail network  Le plus important noeud de transports en Europe
High speed trains
Brussels: 1 hr. 20
London: 2 hrs. 15
Marseille: 3 hrs.
Amsterdam: 3 hrs. Le plus important noeud de transports en Europe
Express motorways
Paris: 20 mns.
Brussels: 2 hrs. 30
Frankfurt: 3 hrs. Le plus important noeud de transports en  Europe
Access to Gennevilliers’ port
3.4 million metric tons of freight per year
Direct access to European ports
Maritime links to the United States, Africa and Asia