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To promote the economic hub around CDG, an association has been created which brings together the major players in the area.

The goal is to facilitate other companies to establish in the area and generate synergies between them.

1 million sq. m.2 of projects programmed
Over €3 billion in investments over four years
17 major economic players united in one association


Patrick-RenaudPatrick Renaud
Président Roissy Dev - Aerotropolis
The association has two objectives: firstly, to enhance the reputation, dynamism and appeal of Roissy-CDG and then the Paris region as a whole, and secondly, to foster the setting up of private ventures. Through Aerotropolis Europe™ we can communicate our projects and issues to local and national authorities with one voice. The aerotropolis concept is a marvellous opportunity for economic development not only around Roissy-CDG but everywhere else in France and Europe. We hope to welcome new members and large-scale projects that will make Roissy-CDG Europe's reference distribution center. The success of Aerotropolis America in Memphis, around FedEx' main hub, and the future aerotropolis at Guangzhou in China, will enable us to forge strong economic ties. With support from all concerned, we have the ability to drive the Paris region internationally."


alain-chailleAlain Chaillé
Vice-Président Roissy Dev - Aerotropolis
FedEx - Conseiller en Affaires Institutionnelles

"The member companies and institutions decided to found the Aerotropolis association in Europe in order to promote economic activity around Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport and in the Paris metropolitan area. With Europe's highest GDP, this is one of the most attractive regions in Europe offering companies access to more than 500 million consumers and has major potential for growth.


h-chastagnol-1pHervé Chastagnol
Membre fondateur
Directeur Général Paris Nord 2

"Roissy Dev - Aerotropolis is today made up of 12 private and public project sponsors for sustainable economic development around the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport platform.
Our efforts aim to make it easier for companies to set up in the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle area and to promote French companies abroad, through dynamics that demonstrate our area's appeal.
Together, we are participating in the awareness and development of the economic activity in Greater Paris and Greater Roissy with unifying and structural projects.
With a global investment of over 6 billion euros and tens of thousands of new jobs over the next 15 years, Aerotropolis Europe™—Paris is becoming one of the driver's of the world economy, with a new central position in international trade."