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Aerotropolis Europe™-Paris : a strategic project

TAerotropolis Europe™, Paris : a strategic projecthe Aerotropolis Europe™—Paris association was created in 2009 by 12 founding members (private and institutional investors) working around economic development projects. It currently has 17 members, and continues to expand its network and activities to support the area.
Indeed, Aerotropolis Europe—Paris aims to promote the economic hub around Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, so to encourage companies to move in, and develop trade between the international airport platforms.
» In order to succeed, the members have set several goals :

    Speak with a single voice to local, national, European and international authorities, in order to promote the economic activity around Roissy-CDG

    Unite, promote and support French and foreign investors by increasing economic development projects around the airport

    Make it easier for other companies and institutions to set up shop

    Develop communications strategies to promote projects

    Create working groups and partnerships to maximize synergies and create the best business conditions

    Generate strong economic ties with the other Aerotropolises around the world, including Memphis, Guangzhou, and those to come